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Blazing Glory Ministries has a strong heartbeat for missions and have helped launch ministries and send out missionaries.  We also support missionaries whose identities we cannot disclose due to the risks posed in the regions of the world in which they serve. 


Hi! I'm J.C. and am serving in Seoul, South Korea working with university students in a town called Shinlim. Seoul National University is located in this region. Part of my mission outreach is to build community through a weekly "home gathering". I also am planning to study the Korean language beginning summer 2023 so I can better understand the culture and connect with the locals on a more personal level. 



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R. B. is serving in Taiwan as a creative expression to the body of Christ. She teaches the church on how to express worship through creative dance and flagging - releasing the Kingdom of heaven through movement. She has a passion for the indigenous people of Taiwan. Taiwan had 16 tribes; unfortunately most of them have been integrated with the Han population. The Taiwanese really appreciate performances and the arts. They are excited to learn about worshipping with dance and flagging as a weapon for the Kingdom of God.


T. B., has been serving with YWAM for 5 years. He is on leadership, takes student teams in and out of the nations, serves on staff, and is currently building and modeling the “family and community” element among the leadership; as well as taking on “special assignments” for YWAM as God leads. It is interesting how the first 5 years of his life began on the mission field with his family and now as a young man has full circled back to this very same heartbeat of the Father.

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